Play your favorite retro games on your Android Phone, Tablet, TV or Raspberry Pi3 device.
(Now called RetroX)

Some sample screenshots of RetroBoxTV running (games are not included)

RetroBoxTV now is called RetroX, the official web site is now

We’ll keep this page just for historical reasons.

What is it?

RetroBoxTV is an Android application that will help you organize and play your own Retro Games with the less possible effort. Put your collection in your device and RetroBoxTV will take care of the rest.

Some unique RetroBoxTV features include:

  • Continue playing your favorite games anywhere, your save states and memory cards are stored in our cloud.
  • Server based pre settings to run games that require additional configurations.
  • Easy to access game specific configuration options.
  • Improved emulators to work seamlessly with RetroBoxTV.

Currently RetroBoxTV supports up to 24 systems, ranging from the late ’70 up to the early 2000.  We are adding more systems progressively, just download and try the app for free to see what are the latests supported ones.

Please note that we don’t include any games, please don’t ask us about that.

System Requirements:

  • ARM based Android 4.0 or higher device (*)
  • Internet connection

Recommended System:

  • TV based device (NVIDIA Shield TV, Amazon Fire TV, Raspberry Pi3 or similar device)
  • A physical controller (**)

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(*) Android 4.3 or higher is required for physical controllers

(**) Any Android compatible controller is supported. Bluetooth devices like the Xiaomi or iPega series are highly recommended


Comment, Request & Bug Report

Please include your e-mail in your submitted comments if you want to get any response from the administrator.

Refund Policy

RetroBoxTV is free to try for an unlimited time and unlimited device installs, you will be able to test most of what the application does before you buy. Only if a paid exclusive feature doesn’t work for the user as advertised in this site, we can offer a full refund and your user account will be downgraded to a free account again.


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